• Manpower (EU and 3rd countries)

We offer assistance in searching, selection, employment, legalization of work relations and optimization of personnel costs.

We specialize on:
- Carpenters (we test our carpeters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WICbFH7hwQI&t=291s)
- Concrete workers
- Welders
- Labourers
- Sandblast operators

  • Supply of construction materials and installation services

- Precast concrete elements (CE), design and manufacturing: FILIGREE SLABS (NORDCERT), wall panels, balconies, stairs (+Terrazzo) and rest @Precast.Concrete.Elements
- Metal constructions (CE) according to the customer's drawings @Metal.Constructions
- Formwork systems: slab props, molding systems, etc. (+ KMD project implementation).
- Glulam beam (for use in production and/or construction). The possibility of production of standard sizes or according to individual requirements.
- High quality firewood briquette produced from natural sawdust without impurities of secondary processing.

  • Designing

- Architectural and constructive design
- Registration of building permits (local only)
- Registration of energy passports for the building (local only)
- Registration of permits for the operation of buildings (local only)
- Legalization of illegal structures (local only)
- Audit and examination of buildings (local only)
- Interior design
- Landscape design

  • Estimating

Estimation of job volumes and labour costs in parts and stages. Experienced estimating department of 10 specialists provide you with detailed information in the shortest possible time and in an agreed form.

  • Plasterboard mounting and concrete works

Subcontracting on medium and large facilities.


We invite customers for cooperation.