Belstroj Baltic LLC started its work in 2013 and connects companies from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and Sweden, working with a large construction companies, such as Belstroj AB from Sweden.

For a short period the company has grown from one person engaged in the selection of labourers, to an international network of professionals working in the construction sector, supply and labor market. To date, our company has about 60 permanent workers employed in the compilation of estimates, design, construction, procurement and 3 time-tested subcontractors.

In 2015, we began to supply construction and production glulam beams wich can be used in windows and doors manufacturing as well as environmentally friendly fuel from sawdust in the form of firewood briquette.

In 2016, the company received exclusive rights for distribution of products of one of the largest and modern Polish factories of reinforced concrete elements and began to supply filigree slabs to the Swedish market. Today, we are ready to supply customers up to 500 m2 filigree slabs dayli.

In the same year, we strengthened our partnership with one of the Estonian manufacturers of metal structures for any purpose.

In 2017, based on data on economic indicators for 2015, our company entered the TOP 10 gazelles in the compiled Äripäev rating. "Gazel" is a fast-growing company that has increased turnover and profit by at least 50 percent within the last three years.


We invite to cooperation all interested customers, guaranteeing exclusive correctness in all.